Veterinarian Supervised Boarding in Fredericktown, MO

Fredericktown Animal Hospital believes that when you travel for pleasure or business that you shouldn't have to worry if your pets are in safe hands. Your neighbor or the teenager down the street may be kindhearted and responsible, but they often lack experience or an in-depth understanding of your pet's health needs and idiosyncratic nature.

This is why we offer your pet a safe and welcoming place to stay at our hospital's climate controlled indoor boarding facility in Fredericktown, MO.

Our kennel attendent will ensure your dog is allowed to spend time in an outdoor run two to three times per day, depending on the weather. We will also be sure to provide your pet with any necessary medications as well as routine checks by our medical staff.

For those who are seeking accommodations for their cats, we have a separate area for felines so they can have a quiet place to nap and enjoy their stay with us.

We feed our guests Hill's Science Diet, but also allow owners to supply their pet's food from home with specific feeding instructions. We also recommend that our clients to bring a special toy or personnel item from home so their pet is more comfortable during their stay.

We ask you to make a reservation, especially prior to holidays, and require all pets to be up-to-date with their vaccinations. For dogs this includes rabies, DHP PV, and Bordetella. Cats must have rabies, feline leukemia, and FVRCP.